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Asian Pacific Research Ltd.

Suite 223, 144, Min Quan E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei 105, Taiwan
Tel :+(886)2-8712-3236


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APR services are tailored to individual clients. They include a mix of private and public sector organizations, large multi-nationals and small and medium sized enterprises.

Each proposal contains details of the client's objectives, the research programme, the research methodology and the fee structure.

Our fee structures vary according to client requirements. They include annual program and budget approvals for long term research partners, ‘retainer plus fee’ basis for clients with flexible needs and also project fees.


APR provides a challenging work environment and welcomes qualified candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to apply. At APR, we are committed to developing a culture that fosters excellence and achievement. We highly value the growth of each staff as our company provides opportunities for advancement uncommon in other places.

For further information, please see our recruiting advertisement on www.104.com.tw to check detailed openings.

If you are interested in working at APR, please send your English and Chinese resumes with cover letter to apr@apr-ksp.com.tw