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Asian Pacific Research Ltd.

Suite 223, 144, Min Quan E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei 105, Taiwan
Tel :+(886)2-8712-3236

Let’s Get It Right !


Our aim is to provide market research as an integrated professional service in the decision-making of our clients. We work in all areas where our clients have transactional relationships, from the purchase of raw materials and industrial equipment, through all phases of the supply chain to the final end-use purchase.


Our customers are business leaders. They work in international companies, small and medium enterprises, government agencies or trade associations. Most importantly, they want to get their business a better place. They set the objectives for each assignment and they monitor and control our performance to ensure they obtain the outputs they require.


APR provides dedicated professional resources in the complex processes of information gathering, analysis and new business development. We use many methodologies, but are driven by business objectives. The endpoint is to help our clients gain market share.

For the most part we are focused on implementation issues and occasionally help with the development of strategies and policies. We are not shy of making recommendations but our main purpose is to provide reliable information, competitive intelligence and analysis on what the client asks.


APR is a privately-owned and independent international business company based in Taipei. Its predecessors were separately founded in Hong Kong in 1984 and in Taipei in 1987 and came together in 1996 to establish the company’s present name and corporate structure. APR has regional offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok and associates throughout Asia.