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Service Industries

As Asian economies develop, we are expanding our work in service industries in areas where we have relevant experience and expertise.

Energy & Low Carbon Services

Our work in energy has been focused on renewable energy supplies, including issues of solar power development and the adoption of biofuels. More recently, we have become engaged in a broad spectrum of low carbon product service development and applications including ‘building integrated photovoltaic‘ materials and municipal strategies for ‘green growth’.

Financial Services

Our work in financial services is concerned with issues of corporate banking including cash management, credit facilities, trade services and finance and foreign exchange. Typical issues include competitive trends in corporate usage of financial products, corporate satisfaction with financial service providers and unmet needs and corporate communication and promotional strategies

Brand Development

Our work in retail services is focused on brand development and brand equity, using time series research based on integrated marketing and communication and brand touch association models. In this area we work with an international partner to achieve the scale of resources needed for continuous brand development.

Educational Services

Our educational services are mainly concerned with the teaching of English as a foreign language and the development of ‘study abroad’ opportunities for young Asians. As a major beneficiary of these programs, we are glad to have the opportunity to provide something in return.

Featured Cases

Road Map for Solar Power Development on a Sustainable Basis

A study of government policies in major OECD economies to promote the development of solar power, the ensuing global chaos in the industry and a roadmap for the future development of solar power in Asia on a sustainable basis.

Strategies for Green Growth Development

Analysis of ‘Low Carbon Green Growth’ strategies in Asia Pacific and the opportunities for business development