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Life Sciences Industries

Our Life Sciences’ customers include major international pharmaceutical companies, new bio-tech and medical device start-ups.

Our work for major pharmaceutical companies is mainly on new-to-market drug treatments that have received regulatory approval in U.S. or Europe and are being introduced to Asian doctors.

APR recognizes that healthcare in Asian countries is on a different pathway from healthcare in Europe and the U.S. Distribution of the demand for drug treatments depends not only on understanding individual physician’s prescribing behavior but also the constraints of hospital organization and the various national and private healthcare insurance programs that are available.

In the past two years, APR has worked increasingly with western and Asian biotechnology start-up companies and medical research institutes who have developed a new drug treatment or medical device and need independent market assessments to help with their marketing and financial planning.

With over 300 completed healthcare projects, APR has worked extensively in most specialties and most frequently in oncology, neurology, cardiology and immunology.

Typical Issues

Our work is entirely on marketing issues and we have been pre-qualified by one of the major pharma companies to comply with FDA regulations on pharma market research and reporting requirements, especially in respect of reporting Adverse Events.

  • Physicians’ prescribing behavior in various specialties, treatment regimens and patient groups.
  • Market segmentation and targeting by key performance indicators for effective communicational, promotional and positioning strategies.
  • Impact of regulatory environment on disease management and health care structure.
  • Cost-effective market entry strategies for new drug treatments and medical devices.
  • Market potential for new biotechnology products before and during clinical trials.
Featured Cases

New Approach to Market Size Assessment and Actionable Sales Plan

This was a comparative study of the markets in Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan for an injected drug treatment for certain medical indications. The study analyzed the asymmetrical distribution of patients by physicians and hospitals and the impact of differing healthcare systems on physicians’ prescribing behavior.

New Medical Device Market Assessment

We recently completed stage one of an independent market assessment of a new medical device for potential usage in neurological surgical procedures requiring ultra-high precision. The assessment included research with practicing surgeons and medical equipment manufacturers.