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Process Industries

APR has developed a strong industrial background in the manufacturing industries of East Asia including

  • Chemicals & Materials
  • Semiconductors
  • Display Industries
  • Electronic Components
  • ICT industries
  • Machine Tools
  • Automotive
  • Textiles

Our process industry customers are engaged in all phases of activity including processing, buying and selling of materials, parts and components in multiple transactions long before the finished product reaches the final end-user.

Process industry customers want specific details of qualified customers and their purchases by application and by industry segment. They also want to understand the decision-making behind these purchases and what they are up against from competitors, intermediaries, new technologies and government regulations. They also want to know about competitive business models, execution and price, and whatever else Professor Porter mentions.

Typical Issues
  • Complex analysis of the demand for new materials, parts and components for new products and innovative processes as well as the upgrading of traditional industries through new technologies.
  • The impact of China and other developing centers of manufacturing on regional supply chains.
  • Channel management to ensure competitive access to shifts in end-user applications, performance and service requirements.
  • Strategies to beat the competition in industrial brand management.
Featured Cases

Assessment of S.E. Asian Market for a Specialty Chemical

Main output is a qualified customer database and in-depth analysis of priority customer targets in S.E. Asia for a specialty chemical product with multiple applications in electronics, automotive and general industry. The study also provides details of competitor activity and major market trends. The study is on-going.

Assessment of China Market for Industrial Products

Step one ranked the business potential of major urban markets throughout China including customer purchasing power, business infrastructure and the competitive environment. Step two focused on top-ranked opportunities for s`elect industrial products and detailed potential customers and trading partners. The final step of the study prepared sales plans and business models for market entry and expansion. The work has now moved the implementation phase.

Competitive Assessment of Manufacturer

In-depth analysis of competitor’s manufacturing costs, major business drivers and competitive strengths and weaknesses in various electronic applications. Our cost model includes all factors of capital cost, raw materials, utillities, labor and other inputs.